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 The Point System

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The Point System Empty
PostSubject: The Point System   The Point System I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 30, 2008 12:58 pm

Many ask, "How does the point system work?"

The point system is broken down into a hierarchy of three (3) things:

the first is points:

Point values never decrease: Only top off at five thousand points (5000p) (recycled after 6 months)
You can only Point lot (Ninja Lot) one (1) item per day.
What this means, is that even though there is an order to things, If a job of equal value or use can use the item (Outside of preserved items).

Nibble is #2 of Byakko's Haidate however Teruko has more pts.

Let's say we are popping Kirin and Byakko this day.
Teruko wants a Kirin's Osode and a pair of Byakko's Haidate.
However Teruko is behind Nibble for the pants. She can use her points to ninja lot the byakko's haidate and become the one to lot Haidate. However: She has now voided her chance to get a Kirin's Osode for that day. But if the kirin's osode did not drop today and drops the following day. Great Luck!

its a gamble that you may play!

Second is Priority:

How do items stand with you having them vs another job?

I.E. W.ABJ Legs for PLD Vs. RNG etc

and finally Attendance:

Attendance plays a roll in how items are lotted and used.

Obligations in real life or prior engagements of regularity (Dynamis Einherjar etc) Are acceptable and you will be entered into the Bar system.

1.5x pts are earned when attending on unexpected days.


FARMING (i need money etc)

PARTIES (You will be penalized for being late because of partying)

FALLING ASLEEP (You will be penalized for falling asleep before the 4 hour mark.)
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The Point System
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