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 Info on Sky Items

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PostSubject: Info on Sky Items   Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:12 pm

For Quick reference on which abjurations go to which sets of gear:

Aquarian - Zenith
Dryadic - Shura
Earthen - Adaman
Wyrmal - Crimson
Martial - Koenig
Neptunal - Hecatomb

Here are all the items available from each god:

Aquarian Abjuration: Head
Byakko's Axe
Byakko's Haidate
Dryadic Abjuration: Legs
Earthen Abjuration: Feet
Neptunal Abjuration: Hands

Aquarian Abjuration: Hands
Aquarian Abjuration: Head
Genbu's Kabuto
Genbu's Shield
Martial Abjuration: Hands
Wyrmal Abjuration: Feet

Aquarian Abjuration: Legs
Dryadic Abjuration: Head
Martial Abjuration: Head
Seiryu's Kote
Seiryu's Sword
Wyrmal Abjuration: Hands

Aquarian Abjuration: Legs
Dryadic Abjuration: Hands
Earthen Abjuration: Head
Neptunal Abjuration: Feet
Suzaku's Scythe
Suzaku's Sune-Ate

Dryadic Abjuration: Body
Kirin's Osode
Kirin's Pole
Neptunal Abjuration: Body
Wyrmal Abjuration: Legs
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PostSubject: Re: Info on Sky Items   Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:13 pm

Nice post PT....knew you had to be good for something Very Happy
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Info on Sky Items
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